Syncing a world partition level so it updates external actors (SVN)

Hi all,
How do I sync a world partition level, that’s using One File Per Actor within the editor?

With UE4, I was able to right click on a level and sync it no problem with the editor. That would update the level for me with any changes that were made by someone else and reload it as well. In UE5, I’m using World Partition and OFPA. Syncing the level or level folder from the editor, doesn’t update the external actors. I have to sync the WHOLE content folder (which reloads ALL of the files within the project) and only then do the changes come in. Is there a quicker way to sync the level so it updates the external actors as well, within the editor?


Hi. Did you find any solution? We’ve got the exact same issue.

I’d also like to know this. The ExternalActors folder is not visible in the content browser and cannot be selectively synced.

Sadly I haven’t been able to find any solution so I’ve just been updating from source control. :confused: