Syncing a png sequence with sequencer animation

Hi there!

I’ve got a big problem syncing my png sequence with the animation I made in the sequencer. Basically I have a car interior with a movie that should be played on a screen inside the car. At first I tried using an mp4 but a png sequence seems to work better. Anyway, once the whole animation is rendered I can see that playback speed of the movie changes throughout the animation resulting in desynchronization.

I wanted to ask if anybody knows a way to “tell” UE4 to render one png per one frame of my sequencer animation (assuming of course that both have the same frame rate)?

You might already be aware, but in Sequencer’s render settings, way down at the bottom, there’s a few warm-up options, including a per-frame warm-up (in seconds). Have you tried that? Renders take longer, but it forces each frame to load fully before rendering it. Personally that’s where I’d start for any sync issues.

You can change and cap the framerate. Just set it the framerate that matches your sequence .