Synchronizing an audio file with a flip book sequence, how?

I’m trying to synchronize an audio dialogue with a fipbook sequence.

Is there a way to tell my sound and flip book to play at the press of a key, on command , or maybe just as part of an event?

is there a way to create a dependency, like if this flipbook item plays, play this associated sound?

Maybe i can just rig a key or joystick button that acts as my “action command” so that when i press it, the actor performs his action with associated sound… any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

I haven’t tested audio sync with sequencer, but if does sync
you should have able to replace TIME in your flipbook shader with a scalar value
and then animate that value with a custom parameter collection in sequencer
then it would all sync together

how would i do that? Been a year, still trying to figure it out! :frowning:

you would have to look into sequencer
and into materials