Synchronize Media Texture with scene capturing

Hi there!

I’m working on an issue since a long time.

I try to export a sequence into a movie. The problem: There’s a TV that plays a video. This video has to be perfectly synchronized with the rest of the animations, camera, etc. This works perfectly when playing the sequence within the editor. But as soon as I export this as a movie, the video within the sequence plays much faster then the rest.
This seems to happen as the scene export doesn’t run in realtime - while the video does play in real time. Therefore it appears too fast within the exported video.

After searching the internet, I know that this could be fixed when the video capture would run real time.To achieve this, tried the following:

  • Worked really hard with reducing the scene to very few elements, made sure they are not performance heavy, deleted everything that is not within the camera angle, set the light importance bound pretty small and did much much more Iearned over the years using UE4, heliping reducing performance cost.

  • Changed from my computer to a much faster VM that is specially made for exact such stuff. Tailored for CAD and other graphics heavy processes.
    Still, even if it’s slightly better, still the video runs too fast and the scene export is not in real time.

  • Next, left only one tiny building with no details at all within the level (including the TV with the video running).- I could easy put this together with Adobe Premiere afterwards. Plan was to film the TV and the rest of the scene separately. But even then, the video within the scene is not snychonized (still too fast), the capture of the rest of the scene still not real time.

Besides - yes the frames of the scene and video match perfectly. And yes, I’m exporting the scene into images, not a movie, as this would be more performance heavy. Of course, also tried to export it directly into a movie anyway.
Further tried to run the export in a separate process with editor shut down. Also did cut the scene down to only 30 seconds. Still too fast.

So… all in all - it seams this is not performance related. Even the smallest level on the fastest computer cannot film this scene synchronized with the video within.

My question is therefore:

How can I make sure a media texture doesn’t run faster then the sequence? Is there any other way besides media textures to get the video on the TV that would work better? I don’t care if the scene is exported in real time, as long as the video on the TV does match to the scene. I’m pretty sure I just miss some option, some tick, anything. Probably a blueprint could help. I don’t know.

Many thanks to all for your help in advance! You’ll save me a couple of grey hairs if you have a solution…

Totally forgot: Created was the scene initially within version 4.23. I’m working already long enough at his issue - in the meantime 4.24 was out. Tried everything above with 4.23 and 4.24. Maybe this is an important info