Synching multiple landscapes pt. 2

So I read this post obviously

but it’s definitely not reliable in sense of loading, saving and BUILDING especially.

I would appreciate a feature where we can choose only 2 landscapes and be able to flatten and smoothen them out together at once.

[How can you be in two places in one time] we would only need the ability to select two since you can’t see the other landscape while at another. EDIT: I just encountered a 4 landscape situation where they would all meet together to make a mountain… so … please? :smiley:


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As mentioned in the other thread, the best way to subdivide landscapes is to move sections of them to streaming levels.

I’m not really understanding what you’re trying to achieve modifying two landscapes at once. Can you describe a bit more about your desired end result, and why moving sections of the same landscape to streaming levels won’t work for what you’re trying to do.


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Smoothing here :

When smoothing I would like the 2 landscape pieces snap together auto. so I can’t see under the other or over.

Also side note I can’t fill this hole or create others. When I put into hole material it created the first quad all black and a hole and I coloured over it but the hole is still there and can’t hold ctrl + Shft and left click or like I said make new holes, please help!

Hole here :

Correction, you see that hole generated right? Well I can create other holes but I DON"T KNOW WHERE THE FRIIIIIIG THEY ARE NOW! :open_mouth:

I’ll just walk toward this hole and bam fall through the ground. Quite scary. xD

Update: I so far can create and fill holes on new landscapes and on the same piece as this randomly gen’d hole which I still can’t fill or see my new holes on this quadrant

Can you ctrl+shift with the “visibiltiy” option on and erase the holes? If so you may need to increase the brush size so you can cover up the holes you’ve already made instead of trying to find each of them. Does this problem occur on a blank project with no additional content?

If you open up a new project and select “Blank Project”, then uncheck starter content and create a project like that, when you create the landscape do you still experience this error?

No it doesn’t work at all, I can’t fill the hole no matter what I try - small or big brush size.
This is on the very first quadrant of my landscape and any other landscape piece doesn’t get this on their first quadrant it just works normally.

and idk what you mean like a completely blank project, no starting content and skysphere/3rd person stuff?

Worked so I guess I should be using a blank project?

Well, now I want to see if it is just that one map that may be messed up. In your original project, can you open a new level and attempt the same thing?

Strange, it only did it on that level although I am only doing it on a single piece of landscape not with multiple pieces…idk if that affects it or it being near the landscape border

Possibly, however I have a feeling that that specific map may have been corrupted and needs to be removed from the project so it doesn’t cause further errors for other maps.

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I am going to mark this as answered for tracking purposes. If you experience this error in another map, please post here with reproduction steps so I can attempt to reproduce it on my end. Thank you!

It’s fine good Sir it should be fixed with the new engine! Just please talk to your people about the syncing of the lands please!

For sure and thank you for helping!