Sync Video Texture, offline and streamed from google drive

Hi everyone!
I am working on a project in which we have to load simultaneously around 18 video files sources, and they have to be in sync.
They are short 40 sec videos, they play fine the first loop, but they slowly start being out of sync after a couple.
Furthermore when i render from sequencer the known problem of their framerate not matching the render’s shows up (they play faster or slower).
I have created a blueprint that also allows the user to load the video textures instead of locally from a google drive folder (we use it so that the client can drop new updates there and they get updated automatically). But obviously, when the textures have to stream they are compeltely out of sync.

**TLDR; So my questions are:

  • How can I sync the playrate of all video textures (filemediasource) to each other?
  • How can I tell Unreal, from a blueprint, to sync each frame of the video texture to a rendered frame of sequencer?
  • Is it possible via blueprint to play stream media sources once they downloaded?**

Do you guys ever worked on something similar?
I looked on the forum but didn’t find quite the right answer.
Hope someone will know how to deal with such an issue!