Sync Folder Colors across Source Control?

My team and I would like to start utilizing folder colors in the content browser to call attention to given projects and help manage workflow. Is there a way to sync the folder colors across the source control? We are currently using perforce and folder colors seem to be specific to the local user.

Is there a config file perhaps that we can add to the depot that we could sync / diff against?

thanks in advance.

I second this. I reinstalled UE4 at one point and loaded up an old project and noticed the folder colors were all lost. A great feature, but implemented completely wrong in my opinion. Would like some more support added for folder colors. :slight_smile:

Greetings ,
I believe that color data is stored in the projects directoy:

at the very bottom of the ini it should list the Path and color settings for colorized folders.
by checking out this ini first then editing the colors ,then CLOSING the editor , the information is stored in that ini. onced saved, submit the changelist for the ini and other users should see the colors as you have set them.

It would be great in a future release if by editing the colors it automatically checked out the ini , or stored the info in some other way that could transfer thru source control a bit easier as i do think it is a very useful feature for organization.

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This is a bit of a necro, but I ran into this thread via Google looking for the same thing. I found out though that you can move the whole [PathColor] section from the Saved folder into GAME_ROOT/Config/DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini and it’ll be checked in.


Wow, thank you very much for that piece of info! That’s really handy.

Worked for us thanks!