Sync animations between gameplay - sequencer

Recently started working on sequences and step into some trouble trying to sync the current animation of the player with the animation in a sequence when the player triggers the sequence.

For example, lets say the character is playing a walk animation inside his AnimBP while moving. While he walks he activates a sequence that start playing in the same spot as him, which have an acting that starts with the same walk animation that he is using.

If you enter with the exact same pose that the sequence begin, is seamless. But if you enter in other pose than that it jumps to the sequencer pose or you get an sliding effect in your character animation if you have some blending configured in the sequencer.

Is even posible to achieve sync between gameplay and sequence?

For extra info I have sync groups configured with sync markers properly placed in my animations and they work fine with the AnimBP logic.

Have a nice day you all.

You just stop the walking animation and start it over in a specific sequence for both to be perfect.

Otherwise you have to create your own cpp method to sync the 2.
It’s not impossible or hard. Just pointless.

Onother possible way to adjust it is an animation curve.

The animation curve from the external animation could be read back into something like the character location.

However you can’t just set a location and expect the velocity to change, so this would keep the capsule in sync, but not the walk animation.
Whenever that animation curve is active, you can just play a custom animation.
That way both can be in sync.

Doing it in cpp may be better overall, if you use this a lot.
You can expose/get the last frame and use that frame number to sync back into a new animation.
Most commonly you’ll see this happening with advanced movement stuff. Start / stop speed cycles driven by physics prediction and curves.
(Similar idea of what the sync groups do under the hood).

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Thank you for your response. Sorry for being late to the reply.

Your suggestions helps me and my pals to find a solution to our needs. As you said , trying to solve this via cpp was more “reusable” than other methods so I’m with you that after all is overall better.

Thank you for your advice.