Sync animation blueprints for multiple pawns?

I’m trying to set up a horse and rider but the animations are constantly getting out of sync. It usually happens after an animation transition.

The horse and rider are separate pawns with their own animation blueprints. I’m using sync groups to transition to different states smoothly and each animation blueprint has the same inputs.

For the modular horse I’m setting the mater pose component to match the animation between different meshes.

Are there any tools to synchronize the animations between two separate pawns? The sync groups I’m using don’t transfer and master pose component can’t be used for two different animation blueprints.

I tried to copy the sync group manually in the rider’s animation blueprint but it didn’t seem to do anything. I can’t really find much online about the Marker Sync Animation Position Structure. I can’t seem to break or make it like the other structs?

There is a free for the month horse, that may have the info you seek. Horse Starter Kit


Thanks for the suggestion but they do it a bit differently. They attach a second player mesh to their horse and hide/unhide it when the player mounts the horse.

My plan is to have modular characters with different attachments so duplicating the player model and features is less desirable. That’s why I’m trying to attach two pawns together and have them animate in sync.

Gotcha, that is way above my paygrade :slight_smile: :wink:

I just tried using that method and had the same issues as before. I think that it’s just a less obvious problem with the rider animations in the free horse set.

I made a short clip showing demonstrating issue. You can see that transitioning to different movement states causes desynchronization even though they each pawn has matching sync groups and transition logic.

This logic exists in both the horse and the rider with all the same blend times.

Each blendspace uses the same sync group. This is also identical between the horse and rider but with different 1d blend spaces.

The rider pulls the movement data directly off of the horse.

There are plenty of other applications for something like this. Driving a car or carrying a body could use similar systems but I’m not able to find much online about it.

I could add hand and foot IK to correct some of the issues but it wouldn’t solve the underlying problem.

Maybe create anim notifies and animations specifically when on horse?(if that makes sense) or Horse notifies different system and that system drives the rider? may be over thinking or method too complicated if system can be fixed by shortening the transition time for the rider/lenghten delay horse change, or make it check to see what state the rider is in before transition completes. I know a syncronous solution looks best but asyncronus my work better.

Ever figure this out?

No, unfortunately.

Huh, yeah I attempted to build it using eval blendspaces but it was messy and never looked smooth. It seems possible as advanced riding locomotion system on the MP does it, though I’ve yet to pull the code apart to understand how.

I’ve definitely been tempted to buy their system but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the demo I played. But they clearly solved this problem somehow.

just brainstorming: what you could try is that the horse’s anim has anim-notifies which then cast to the other character to have something like a reset to get them back in sync (without a real sync-event sync)

That doesn’t sound like a bad idea but I have no clue how to do it.

While we’re brainstorming, maybe the best way to solve it would be to make a new skeleton that includes both the horse and the rider. Then the animations are always in sync and the horse/rider can copy the pose.