Symbolicating crash dumps for Android in Unreal Engine 4

So I made this post on my blog:

It’s about getting crash dumps from Android after the NDK crash and symbolicating them. I hope you will find it useful :slight_smile:

I can also recommend some other readings from there - there are mostly stuff about UE4 Engine side coding, mostly for mobiles. Enjoy!

Also useful to know how to use addr2line (or ndk-stack). You can use this against the Intermediate/Android/APKobj/local/[arch]/

Awesome! Can you shortly explain what are they doing and when to use them? :slight_smile:

Here is the commandline to use with the in the obj/local:

arm-linux-adroideabi-addr2liine -f -C -e libUE4so [address]

ndk-stack parses the crash information from provided logcat output and basically does the above with each of the addresses in the callstack to give you a nicer one.

Very useful article. Thank you zompi2 for your work!