Syhronized Door Open Animations

Hey folks!

It is super easy to make door opening matinee and link it to a ‘interact’ key to get characters opening doors as we all know.

However, I was looking to solve the ‘ghost opening’ syndrome of that method by adding an animation of the character reaching out and pulling the handle.

To this end, I need to make a synced animation of the door opening on ‘interact’ with the animation of the character grasping the handle and pulling it open.

In my mind I know how this could theoretically work, with a trigger and interact key playing a combined matinee of the character and door in sync after locking the character to a node in the correct spot before the door.

I run into the issue of not being able to find any form of tutorial on any sort of two actor/BP matinees or synchronized animations on the YouTubes.

Anyone know how to do this or know of a good tutorial somewhere to solve this? Eventually I need to figure out how to do synchronized ‘kill’ animations as well, so learning how sync two BP’s into one matinee space is a key part to my overall project, and I figure learning the basics with a door is a good starting point.

Appreciate your time in advance!


Hey there.

My basic idea is to bake an animation of your character opening the door and then include it into the scene.

So pipeline of this interaction would be like:

  1. get to the door
  2. interact key
  3. remove the door and the character
  4. replace them with baked animation from camera’s pov
  5. add the opened door and character

May be it can be done more simplier, but the thing about using baked animation could be useful

Unlimion thanks a million for the response. It has only been over a year since I asked this and finally found my password again to log back in.

The idea of deleting and replacing them with the baked animation could be particularly useful for some other ideas in mind, so I appreciate the idea. However, this is a MP game so I can’t use POV animations only.

Regardless of my inactivity this project has gone extremely well over the past year and we are reaching a release to kickstarter level of completion, and this feedback might help us ‘fake’ some other things we would love to include in a trailer.

Related to this idea, we also want to do two characters syncronizing their animations for things like kill animations. I understand this in theory but have no reference to compare with as it seems to be a subject no one has made a tutorial on yet. Anyone know of a tutorial for such a thing in Unreal?