Swords Pack

Swords Pack now available on UE Marketplace](

Price: 10$

Previous weapons pack: Axes Pack

Estimated price: 10$

Technical details:

  • Scene from screenshots included.
  • Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
  • Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
  • All meshes are UV unwrapped
  • Each sword has rigged version
  • Each sword has texture variations in 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096 resolution
  • Engine compatibility: 4.11 - 4.17


  • Sword 1 (428 Tris / 445 Verts)
  • Sword 2 (894 Tris / 629 Verts)
  • Sword 3 (1318 Tris / 1237 Verts)
  • Sword 4 (712 Tris / 516 Verts)
  • Sword 5 (1438 Tris / 1276 Verts)

All screenshots were taken in UE4.

Another solid looking set already! Nice work.

3 new swords has been added

The pack has been approved and will be available at UE Marketplace. Now I’m waiting for a release date and will publish it here when I’ll get it.

Swords Pack (from UE 4.17) now has built-in Oculus Rift + Touch support.

I also added customized VR pawn, so the movement works now like in Robo Recall (Move stick to activate teleport/release stick to execute teleport). In my opinion, this movement behavior much better than in default VR Template, where you need to press movement stick first and where you can lose movement direction if you release stick very quickly.

To enable VR mode, just select VRGameMode in World Settings inside Showcase level and you are ready to discover level in VR Preview mode from the editor.

It’s also possible to grab weapons and use them… khm… as weapons, like real swords.

You can do this in the new VR Showcase map.