Swords In Space (Gear VR game, first person sword fighting - giving away keys!)

Hey everyone,

The two of us developed Swords In Space for the Gear VR entirely in blueprints. We are excited to announce that it was recently launched in the Oculus store! We are constantly trying to improve the game and are giving out some keys for people to try the game and give us more ideas. Please message us for a key and let us know your development experience, whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, and if you’re willing to provide feedback. We are planning future updates to enhance the graphics and add more button configuration options for the controller, but would appreciate additional feedback. We would be very grateful for help in this as we are fairly new to this and still learning.

*does not require a controller, supports controller use

*increase character attributes (attack speed, critical chance, health, etc.) based on player’s gameplay and choices

*interlevel auto save feature (when quitting, dying will delete the save)

*designed for minimal nausea and maximal comfort during gameplay

*keep playing after beating the game

Oculus Store: Swords In Space on Gear VR | Oculus