Sword leaving its position in Blend animation?

Hello all champs

I am just learning Unreal. I am doing 1d blend animation between walk and run. character has weapon in her hand but while doing blend animation at some point sword weapon leaves it position bu at the start and end it keeps it position. Please check the attached video for proper visualization. Both animation done with same rig and with same properties.

Disclaimer ; Concept art is been downloaded from Elemental Armor--ICE by DNA-1 on DeviantArt

to some extent this is normal. The way blend-spaces work is they try and average the bone positions of the 2 animations based on the %.

That said, How is the sword attached?

If you have the sword socketed to a hand socket you should not have issues.

Hello MostHost LA

Ohh ok… if this is way blend shape works then how i can keep my sword animation in hand only? Please check the attached image for rigging setup.

If the sword is not a child object in the original rig and part of the hierarchy and only atatched in maya via constraints then you will face these problems. I suggest do the following:

1 - make sword always be part of the rig in the hierarchy with proper parenting, only if your character wont change weapons later in game and the sword will always be part of the character.

2- import sword separately in UE and attach it there to a socket on a bone. this setup most flexibly for weapon changes.

Option 2 seems more sound.

Thanks for your help…we used method one and it worked out. We changed the rig as per your guidance and it worked . Thanks again.