Sword Fighting / Equip_Unequip tutorials

Hi there,

I have been scavenging the web in hopes of finding a complete blueprints tutorial on how to setup a sword combat system including how to equip/unequip the weapon. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything online about this issue. For the combat system I was hoping to find a system which allows the player to do more than just a single attack (more along the line of having several attacks chained together).

I would really appreciate it if someone could guide me to a tutorial which shows us how to code this.

ps: I currently have the kubold animations for swords & shield, so any tutorial which includes setting up the system using that animset would be amazing!!

Thanks a bunch!

Not sure how you missed these tutorials but this sounds like exactly what you need.

Moize Opel

UE4 Combat - YouTube This guys channel is really great as he has lengthy involved tutorials. Check it out. But his cadence is fast so be prepared to keep up :slight_smile:

Here is his Patreon too https://www.patreon.com/bluemanart?ty=h
He is doing great stuff.

Hopefully this gets you started. Its helped me but its a tad more than I need at the moment.


Alice in Tokyo Wonderland by President is also pretty popular.