Sword Art: Unreal

Sword Art: Unreal

I loved how the menu worked in Sword Art Online and I saw great VR demonstrations of how SAO could be possible in some shapes and forms.
But one thing I did notice was that no project took in the A E S T H E T I C of the menu itself.

I decided to replicate the menu frame for frame into a free, open source UE4 project so that people could enjoy how it would function in a game.
To my surprise it was relatively simple (just time consuming).
I’ve been uploading videos of the progress which are starting to gain a little bit of traffic so I’ve decided I need a game.


I have the menu at about 60% complete but to finish the menu I need help!
The menu won’t work without an RPG to support it.

So I am calling all Level designers, 3D modelers, AI gurus and networking masters:

If you want to help this project with your input and have a great project under your belt to add to your portfolio of achievements
Please email me @
Or pop on over to the project’s discord channel: Discord