Sword and Shield Animset Pro Help

Hello everyone (noob here).

Recently, I bought the sword and shield animset pro, and I have encountered some problems.
I am having problems with the statemachine and variables.

I finished making the statemachine for a character but he won’t move. I messed around with the statemachine and I got him to walk forward (but not in any other direction). I also couldn’t stop him from walking forward.

Screenshots to come soon.

Thanks in advance! Please tell me if I didn’t explain things well (I probably didn’t), I’m new to this.

I recently had the same problem(s).

I won’t be the greatest help because I haven’t figured out how to make him walk backwards yet. I’m thinking I’ll need to make a completely custom set of animation blends. Right now I’m just using the stock one for testing purposes.

Here are some screen shots that will hopefully help you!

can you post screenshots of your movement, your stop, and all the transitions pelase.

Could you provide more screenshots?


someone help please