Sword and Shield Animations

I’m new to animating, I got some basic animations to work in UE4 (idle/walk/run), but I’m having trouble getting farther with blueprints. I can’t figure out how to link a button to an animation (ie, I want to do an attack when I click the mouse), or set up different states for standing, blocking, jumping, and crouching. Could someone share a complete basic animation blueprint for walking, jumping, attacking, etc that I could use as a template to help me get started?

I’m currently using the sword and shield pack from mixamo. This looks like a commonly used animation set, I’m hoping someone has a fully animated blueprint that I can copy exactly to help me learn about the different logic tools involved.


There are a couple of ways to do the things you want. One thing you should read up on are Montages (one-shot animations like an attack that interupt other animations). These are triggered in the character controller, for example when a button is pressed and they just tell the animation controller ‘stop what you’re doing and play this’, they can be played additively (keep leg animations but swing the arm using the montage).
The other thing you’re trying to achieve is done by using a combination of character and animation controller. In the character controller you decide what should be done with the keypressed, for example ‘Equip Sword and Shield’ button flips a ‘weaponsequipped’ boolean in the character controller. In the animation controller you have a different ‘weaponsequippedanim’ boolean, which you set by copying the character controller’s (cast player character to your player controller BP, get ‘weaponsequipped’, set ‘weaponsequippedanim’. You can then use this weaponsequippedanim variable to trigger transitions in the animation tree. There are a lot of decent tutorials on YouTube, and this should get you started :slight_smile: