Switching widget if using keyboard or gamepad in actor blueprint

Hi guys!

I have a hard time figuring out how to switch widget when entering a trigger volume inside my blueprint witch is a TV screen.
When i enter in the trigger volume with a keyboard w,s,a,d i want to switch to the keyboard widget just to show the command to use if the user want to open the TV screen.
The same thing when i’m entering the trigger volume with a gamepad, i want to be able to switch to the gamepad widget also.

I’m almost there, i figured out how to do it but it is probably not the good way to make this work correctly.
When i enter the in the trigger volume with W it is working, but it is not working when i use a,s,d it automatically showing me the gamepad widget.

But, when i enter the trigger volume with the gamepad i got no problem at all and it is working well.

Problem: A,S,D movement key does not work when entering trigger volume.

If someone can show me where i made a mistake it will be appreciate!