Switching variables

Am trying to switch a flashlights brightness (game is Sandstorm) I think I have most of it ok, see attachment, I know “Set Exec” is wrong, but don’t know what needs to be there, in the attachment you can see the “Light Intensity” variable.

I want, by pressing Num 8 to swap between 350 and a lower number eg 200, I am a very new modder, I basically know nothing, and as most will know info/help is hard to find.
PS apologies for the Bold heading, I don’t know why it is so.

You just need to set the intensity on of the point light, but to do that, you need to drag off the light itself.

Hi Clockwork, thnx for the quick reply, but as an extreme noob, I have no idea what you mean. I really need step by step instructions, at least for my first attempt.

The light for the torch, do you have it as a component in the list top left?

Pull that in as a variable, then you can drag a pin from it.

see the attachment, it shows my top left, thnx for your patience.

Yes, it’s not there… :-/

You need to somehow get access to the actual light. I don’t really understand what sort of blueprint structure you have there I’m afraid…

How does this modding work?