Switching to USB headphones seems to stop currently playing sounds

I don’t know whether or not this is by design but if I change my audio output device during play, I loose any audio that was previously playing. The situation can be replicated by making a new project with the starter content (which has an ambient wind and birds sound by default), playing the default level, then plugging in / switching to USB headphones. The sound stops playing and removing the headphones doesn’t fix the problem. The issue does not occur if I plug headphones into the 3.5mm jack .

This is causing an issue with music in our game. The music returns for the player when switching to a new track but they are long loops ~ 7 minutes so its quite frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this?

Which version of UE4 and are you on the Legacy Audio Engine or the New Unreal Audio Engine?

To give you context, when you use USB headphones, the USB dongle is literally your audio device–where digital audio is being converted to analog audio. Disconnecting your USB headphones by pulling the USB dongle out of the port is literally the same thing as taking an Audio Card in your PCI-e and ripping it out while your computer is running. The device disappears completely from Windows device list.

Had reports of the same thing myself (still on old engine), users can disconnect their headphones and since the audio device is lost the background ambience of the game stops. It’s problematic in a number of cases. The workaround I suppose would be to use sounds that are much shorter in length or which are re-triggered regularly, but it would be more ideal if the audio system could detect a device loss and move already spawned sounds over to the new one (e.g. when going from headset to speaker output). It would probably mean the sounds starts over from the beginning, but would be better than the already playing audio just cutting out completely.

Thanks for this. I thought I was using the new one, but I reinstalled the engine recently and I completely forgot about it. The new audio engine fixes the problem.

The audio engine upgrade was painless for me but I don’t do much with the audio other than play wavs via cues, can’t you upgrade?