Switching renderer to DX11

After switching the renderer to DX11 in the editor the game then knows to run DX11 when running UDK.exe (without using any launch params).

So my question is; where is the DX11 setting stored such that the game knows to run it?

I don’t see anything in the .ini settings.

I would like to enable this setting in the build I publish to Steam, however after installing from the packaged game, it’s always in DX9 (even if the renderer was set to DX11 before packaging).

This setting must be stored in some file somewhere in the UDK install folder.

Found it! In DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini, add:


RenderMode=0 would set it back to DX9. Works on the packaged/installed game too.


A little late, BUT AWESOME FIND! Just tested it and it works.By any chance, do you have any dx11 optimizations? (disabling stuff like the MotionBlurSkinning to make the frame rate better,etc.)

I have a function that does this…

		ConsoleCommand("scale set DynamicLights false");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set DynamicShadows false");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set LightEnvironmentShadows false");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set MotionBlur false");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set AmbientOcclusion false");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set Bloom false");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set Distortion false");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set DynamicLights true");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set DynamicShadows true");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set LightEnvironmentShadows true");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set MotionBlur true");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set AmbientOcclusion true");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set Bloom true");
		ConsoleCommand("scale set Distortion true");

I haven’t tested those one at a time on a low-end system to see how much performance they squeeze out, and I haven’t tested it on DX11, but it seems to help my players squeeze a few more frames per second.

I think it is offtopic, but due to switching once to DX11 I saw white pixels, in places that there should nto be white pixels… idk

I too ran into problems with DX11. My game makes use of the Sobel post process effect and any time it draws in front of a plain black background (unlit material with emissive=0, or in front of nothing), like in this level for example…

…those static meshes were surrounded by a thick white line when I tried running the game in DX11. I never found out what caused it. I wasn’t doing anything that really needed DX11, so I left my own game in DX9. But if Coldscooter needs to run his game in DX11, I just hope he doesn’t run into any problems.