Switching Pawns In Third Person Blueprint Problem


I’m trying to switch characters simply by pressing Tab as simply as possible. Currently I have all the characters getting pointed into an array when the game starts, and then when I hit Tab I can switch characters. The problem I’m having is that when I switch characters, the characters get stuck in their position, and they stay in their animation. I was curious if anyone has done this or if anyone has a fix.

Here is what is in my level blueprint and screenshot of what is happening in game :

Adding characters to your screen and copying the code will be enough to test what I have. I’m sure it has something to do with when the system Un Possessing the previous Pawn, but I’m still rather green with Blueprint and I’m not sure how to attach an AI Controller or how to get it and then set it later or if that would even work.

Hey Sephem,

In your MyCharacter Blueprint, go to the Defaults and search for Run Physics with No Controller, and enable that. That should fix the issue for you. The problem is that when you possess another pawn, the pawn your controller left no longer has its Movement Component use its physics. Enabling this will allow it to continue even if you’re not currently possessing it.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much! This really helped!