Switching Meshes / Models / Objects

Hey All,

I’m using UE4 for Archviz and I was wondering how I would go about switching out one object for another, for example, different types of lamps, different types of sofas, that kind of thing. If I had 3 types of lamps or something and I just wanted to cycle through them.

Also, what would I need to consider in terms of baking, for shadow casting etc? Would they need to be movable objects? and would the surface they’re sitting on need that too?

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

If you want to do this without playing/simulating you could just select the mesh actor and and change the mesh option in the actor details panel on the right side.
If It’s a static/stationary object you’ll probably need to re-bake lighting in order to get the same shadow quality as before. Movable Object won’t need that.