Switching Matinee Actors in a Blueprint

Alrighty, so, I have a matinee that swivels an object gently/slowly like a hanging fruit, but, when the fruit is picked, I’d like to spawn a new fruit, and have the swivel matinee “switch actors” from the fruit that was just picked, to the fruit that just spawned.

Recap -

Matinee plays on actor A

Actor A gets moved

Actor B spawns

Matinee switches to Actor B and starts playing

Mk, I think It’s been long enough for a bump.

One way you might approach this is to setup your matinee on a generic Object X that is hidden during gameplay. Then in your game code, you can match the translation/rotation of your various fruits to this Object X before firing off the matinee.

I can definitely try that! I’ll get back to you.

Turns out the best thing to do was to have an invisible matinee’d object and just attach the one actor to the matinee’s object, but you got me thinking on that line! If you try and use a tick to keep all the loc and rot stuf in check, it seems to just ignore it.