Switching lights between Dynamic/Stationary/Static in a construction blueprint?

I’m trying to make a blueprint that contains a lamp.
However i want the option to make the light either static, stationary or dynamic based on a dropdown menu in the blueprint’s public variables.
Similar to how you would be able to change regular lights in the editor.
In the blueprint options however i can only enable/disable things like shadowcasting, though i cant seem to find a way to change the mobility of the light entity in my blueprint.
I do not need this to be at runtime, so it just has to work in the Construction Script.

Is there a way to do this?

I would also like this ability.

however… I’ll assume I can just do it with just swapping in and out 2 diff lights with same variables for now… but this is messy… and I can’t control things as I would like

In 4.8 you can directly alter a blueprint’s sub-component values (including mobility), so you won’t even need to manually expose a variable anymore to do things like that :slight_smile:

No, you can only query mobility but not set it