Switching from widget blueprint to widget blueprint

I have a widget blueprint1 (aka Title Screen) I have an other widget blueprint2 (aka Controls) In Wid. Blueprint1 there is a button called controls, so in normal wording I want it do this. When Control button is clicked switch to wid. blueprint2. I’ve tried cast to, but I soon realized that doesn’t work. Yes I suck at unreal engine.

Please reply.

Hi !

You don’t need a Cast to add ‘Controls’ to your viewport.

This is on ‘Title’ :

And you can do the same on ‘Controls’.
Create a button and Add ‘Title’ to the viewport and then remove ‘Controls’.

Thank you so much.

What ‘set’ do I need on the event construct, and the Controls ref?

It’s a reference to your Controls. A Variable.

I can’t seem to find this sort of variable in my selection, even when context sensitive is off.

Right Click the return value from your “Create Control_Widget” node and choose “Promote to Variable”.

GREAT YAY! But sorry for bothering/annoying you but I also have another button and widget blue print called “Credits” The duplication of the even construct doesn’t work, it leaves me to a blank screen.