Switching From Unity, Have Questions


First I’d like to say I’m impressed with what Unreal 4 can do, and want to create something with it for Architectural Visualization. I’m switching from Unity and have a few questions to make sure I’m not down grading myself.

  • Does Unreal 4 support C#? I saw a thread that a third party made this possible, as I know C#, but not C++.
  • Does Unreal 4 support the use of the Gyroscope on tablets? Specifically the Surface Pro.
  • Does Unreal 4 support compiling for the Windows Store? For example, in Unity I can create a build for the Windows Store, then open the sln in Visual Studio, then have Visual Studio compile a version that’s ready for Windows Store. Is this process the same for Unreal 4?


I don’t think there’s support for the Windows store

-By default it does not support C# but a couple of groups are working on adding support (not Epic)
-For Surface Pro you’d be building for PC and it doesn’t have support for gyroscopes for that, just on iOS and Android, you could add support yourself though
-No, it has no specific Windows Store support, it makes a normal Windows program.

Thanks for the feedback.

In regards to C# you can use Mono for UE4.