Switching character mesh in multiplayer?

So I have a menu system that lets you pick character skin and other settings, then I save everything in a save game. When I start new level I get save game a load all saved info and set mesh and so on. The problem im having is the replication of the mesh, it shows on server but not client. I know how to use" run on server and multicast" but not sure on what BP to put this function in. I’ve tryed level BP on begin play, character BP, player controller, and still client doesn’t see updated character mesh. I’ve seen other post about changing the color of a mesh to replicate “that didn’t work for mesh”, but can’t really find anything about skeletal mesh. Ps. Also would like to know the order of operations of BP loading. Like what loads first? Is it the level BP, game instance, game mode, player instance, or is it a different order. Would love to know…

Dont hace access to computer now but the way I did it was
OnClicked on widget button call Custom Event on Game Instance
That calls Custom Event Run on Server on ThirdPersonCharacterBP
That Custom Event calls another Custom Event Multicast that executes the material change.

Still looking for a little more info on how to accomplish switching character skeletal mesh. I want to call the skeletal mesh selection from the character controller so everyone that joins loads there own character from controller. Unless there is a better way. On level load im calling a save file then setting the variable in the player pawn. Also if someone knows the processes in with BP load Id like to know. Cheers

Have any luck finding a good approach to this? Looking for pretty much the same thing and Google lead me here first.

I haven’t tried it, but my first idea would be to add a TSubclassOf<USkeletalMesh> variable to your character class (or a class reference variable, if you’re using Blueprint).
Make it replicated with a ReplicatedUsing/RepNotify-function that loads and sets the characters skeletal mesh according to whatever the TSubclassOf<USkeletalMesh> points at.

PlayerController is not replicated to other clients, just owning client and server.

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I’m trying to do the same thing and i can’t find anything on google :c
So if player controler is not replicated to other clients, how can i do ? D:
Thx for help!

You can find solution here.

The one that is accepted as answer is correct one.