Switching camera after character destroyed


i feel like i should have been able to solve this problem by myself, but i just cant figure it out how to do it, so i have to ask you guys!
My problem is, that i have a typical 3rd person camera setup with spring arm and camera in my character which works fine. But when i destroy my character and respawn it after 2 seconds, right after death the camera goes to a default camera and messing up the view. how can i “freeze” in the view for the time the player is respawning? I tried with spawning a camera actor and then trying to possess it, but i just cant figure it out how to. Any ideas?

Here is my character destroy “function”.

greetings M

no one knows how to do this? ive seen this in videos but unfortunately no tutorial. pleaaase help me :slight_smile:

Don’t destroy the character imminently, set visibility off → collision off–> delay x–> destroy

thanks buti already tried that and the problem was: i have enemys that use “simple move to actor” to chase the player, but i want them to stop when the the character is destroyed…

Put a bool in the player “ImDead” for the enemy can check.

ok thanks again, i feel like i have to check out some AI-tutorials and rethink my AI-system :smiley:

Check out my basic ai project you will find what exactly you need in this situation