Switching Buttons in a HUD based on input

Hello I am working on a battle System and I would like to change my command menu based on a button being held and then change it back when the button is released. I was wondering how I would start setting that up.


This is the Buttons that I would like to change.

My goal is to have a quick set skill system where if you hold a button these buttons change to show the skills you would like to use (skills would be changable in a main menu)

A good example would be:

Player Hold LB to change the command menu into the Quick Skill Menu which displays the current set skills.
The player is then given access to the quick skill buttons which can only be used while LB is held.
When LB is released, the command menu returns.

Any idea how I could get that started?

If you use umg, create another widget like your main menu one and bind your buttons : on click “add it to viewport” and “remove it from viewport” on release.

You need to bind whatever you want to happen to your menu to an event, then call that in your myCharacter blueprint to be executed on the correct input action. (For example, storing and setting the value of which button you currently have selected, and scaling the size or adding a highlight to that button to make it obvious that you have it selected).
Fen, this is not a click driven system. The system he’s trying to create is a clone of the Kingdom Hearts 2 battle system, and wondering how to implement the Shortcut Menu.
Youll also want to make sure you have a variable that is set on button press that tells the game you are in your quick menu, so that you can add the correct branch (or select int / select enum) into your input events so they do different things when your shortcut button is held.

I also highly recommend not creating new widgets for things like this, you should be taking advantage of the ability to Hide/Collapse/Unhide widget elements so that you can easily retain things like previous menu locations.
It makes two-way animations in the HUD much easier (and cleaner in blueprint) to take care of as well.

EDIT: I’d also move the hud elements father away from the edges of the screen.

Thanks for complete info. I sadly agree that using hide is a largely better idea than added widget ^^