switching between weapons

Hello, guys.
Can you tell me in what ways is it possible to make switching between weapons.
I know that it can be implemented by Enumeration, and what other ways are? And what ways is better?

I would have to say it’s a bit more complicated than just saying it can be done by “doing this”, it requires a fair bit of programming/blueprint knowledge.
I do know for a fact that Hourences shows you how to this in one of his video tutorials (which does cost money) (

Unless you feel like spending a bit of cash to get that knowledge, perhaps some really nice person is able to write up a quick tutorial for it (or share their own system).

If you already have the inventory its “simply” a job of saying which object should be “in the hand” and then attach the actor to a bone on your character (most likely you would want some appropiate animations depending on what the object is).

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