Switching between two values


I´m currently trying to make a mini map. Most things allready work.
But I´m stuck turning on and off the map to follow the player rotation.
What works is the map to follow the player, or to have it static.
If you look at the screenshot I have a Break rotator coming from a GetActorRoation plugged into
the rotation of my map. this works well. Now i´d like to turn this behaviour on and off by a key input.
In the lower right corner you can see one of my attempts. By using a flipflop and a while loop. But this results
in an “infinity loop detected” error. So basically I´d like to have a variable that switches, triggered by a key input,
between the actual value of the player rotation and a static value.
My scripting skills are very limited btw. :wink:

Try using a Select node:

Perfect ! Thank You very much.