Switching between two scenes


I want to make a fast switch between two scenes: the first is a 3D space scene with ships, asteroids, etc. and the second a 3D map with planets (similar to this). The player should be able to switch between those scenes fast, so I don’t want to load another level.

How can I do this in UE4?

Thanks in advance!

Since I get no answers: is this a stupid question or is there no way to do that?

No answer just means no one with the knowhow and the time to give a decent answer has checked this thread today. (I don’t have the knowhow :P.)

There was a similar question a while back, which basically just got the answer: “build a scene inside your scene and switch to it”. Which seems fairly plausible to me to be honest. Especially since you can set individual blueprints to be “tickable when paused” and input events to also function while paused, so you could probably run your map while the actual game is paused.

Thanks Ross! I hadn’t seen the other thread, so that’s helpful. I’ll try to make the scene-in-scene thing work then.

You could work with Level Streaming. So you have an area around the planet where you let the screen be a covered in clouds or something and in that time, you unload the planet and load space.
But i have no idea how to do this, since i’ve never worked with LevelStreaming. Still seems to be the stuff you need :smiley: Check google/Youtube. There are a lot of tutorials for it.

Thanks eXi, I’ll look into that!