Switching between two flipbooks

I want to use a flipbook for walking and a flipbook for jumping. I have tried to stop the jumping from looping but then it stops the walking animation and the character’s animations are frozen. How do I make it so the animations change depending on the input without interfering with each other?

Hey @Bloxygator!

So, just following your logic here, should you not use an additional “SetLooping” on the False Track of the IsJumping? execution line, to return it to looping for the running/idle animations?

Let us know how that goes for you, it may be that simple! Sometimes the hardest solutions are the ones staring us right in the face. Programming, am I right? :slight_smile:

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I have tried this but still no luck

Hmm! It might be something in your jump code!

Try putting a printstring between the UpdateAnimation and your Branch there, and pass in IsJumping? to see if it changes to false when you land! :slight_smile: If it stays true, your problem lies in your jump code, not here!

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Figured it out, it was the jump code.

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