Switching between two account on your site is horrible experience

Especially when you have account with access to the UDN and other one without. Things which are often happening are that SIGN OUT on forum does not work at all, it just refreshes the page. UDN is giving me errors without a chance to log out there with non-UDN account and looks like I am not signed. This is hapenning for very long time in Chrome and I just can not understand how it can keep happening.

I don’t know if this would work for this site or not, but have you tried adding another “person” to chrome and using that for the second account?

This site is pretty weird with how it handles signing in and out

This is the ghetto man.:stuck_out_tongue: No one from Epic follows the forums, not since 2017 anyway.
Seriously, why not go through your ‘account manager’ on the UDN side? That might help.
Just don’t bank on it though, as the Forums are all Outsourced on the cheap to save $$$. :wink:


I’m actually writing down Skylonxe’s feedback and preparing a request for our teams to investigate options.

We do keep eyes on the forums.