Switching between Post Process Setting does not work


I want to offer different Post Process Settings, for scalabilit settings. The PPSettings have different default values, like no Bloom or FXAA.

I have an PPVolume in my scene and want to set the certain setting in my Level BP, by an keyboard event (pic1). Through BeginPlay a default setting is loaded (pic3).

It execute the command for setting the certain PPSetting by an keyboard event (pic1), but nothing happens when I want to switch. I tried it with the Volume and the Camera.

For better understanding: Pic2 works fine, I just added the last node in pic3 and pic1 is new.

Hope somebody can help me!


Hey there,

I suspect the problem could be in 2 places:

When you say it doesn’t work do you mean that when you press ‘N’ you get the ‘PP medium’ print string but the settings do not appear to change? If that is the case then all your behaviour is fine, and the problem is with the ‘settings’ node of the post process. Unfortunately I don’t have unreal with me but there is another node you might need to get, from the PostProcessVolume, something like ‘get post process settings’, and then from that node you ‘set’ the settings!

Thank you for your help. Yea the issue was somewhere in the settings node. Maybe a bug. I found my solution here: Change dynamiclaly Camera post processing effects - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums