Switching between PlayerController and AIController

**What I’m trying to do:
Control the camera movement of a character, but have an AIController moving the character. So, when my character rolls “dice”, he moves forward so many spaces until he reaches his goal. Camera movement during the move is preferred, but at this point I’m more concerned about getting the system to work than polish.

What I have tried
*setting this up without the use of an AIController. I had the player moving to the dice roll, but I had no way of determining when the actor was finished moving to the location. So I wanted to use the functions built into an AI controller.
*unpossessing from the PlayerController and possessing with the AIController. This did not seem to work at all for me, as the character would not move.

I’ve looked all over and watched/read most of what I can find on AIControllers but nothing seems to be helping me.

I now see that I need to spawn in the AI controller in order to get this to work -
this was my problem before.
But now the camera no longer follows the character… how can I fix this?

Is there any way for me to edit the title of this post? Because my question is no longer about switching between ai controller and player controller…
now the question is about cameras.
I understand that when the playercontroller unpossesses the character, it will no longer use the camera in the Character BP.
So, I was wondering if there was a way to continue using that camera… OR if I have to make a new camera and somehow transition between them when the AI controller takes over.

sorry for the bump… but I’ve been looking all over for an answer to this.

So, I read somewhere that I can use the player controller as a “god controller” and send input to the AI Controller.

Here is that thread.

So, can I control the Character with an AI Controller even when the Character is possessed by a Player Controller?

Would I be better off creating a second camera in the Character BP, or a camera in the level for following my active player? It seems as though when the AI Controller possesses my character the camera in the Character BP will no longer be the active camera. I either want this camera to continue being the active camera, or for there to be a second camera that becomes active when the character begins to move.