Switching between online (EOS) and LAN Connection?


I am working on an application which establishes online connections between multiple android devices and I am looking for a solution to switch between LAN and Online(EOS) at runtime. I know, there is a boolean for that - “use LAN”, but this options does not work for me.

I think the reason for that is the modified DefaultEngine.ini, which at least is necessary when using the “EOS Core Plugin” from eelDev.


Right now the only solutions seems to be packing to versions - one for offline, one for online which is really not that ideal…

If anyone has an idea how to solve this, please let me know.


if it would make things easier, switching on runtime would not be even necessary - maybe just somehow changing the AndroidEngine.ini and Defaultengine.ini from inside the game and using these settings for the next launch…

just in case some is looking for a solution…

I found this plugin which allows to modify ini files via blueprints…oduct/configbp

I am using this to check which online subsystem is set and changing the ini settings from “Null” to “EOS” (also the netdrivers) or vice versa. I also removed everything regarding online subsystem settings from the defaultengine.ini and just setting everything via blueprints. If you know exactly what you are doing (which I don’t) this might not be necessary…

Important: This just works with a restart of the game - quit and start again (so the new driver gets loaded)
And for testing, its necessary to use “standalone game”, not “preview in editor”. It seems the editor sticks to the ini settings found on startup - so worst case UE will crash when previewing inside the viewport because it wants to start an EOS session with the wrong drivers…