Switching between iOS development and distribution certificates in Unreal Engine

I’ve got Unreal Engine 4.26.2 building my app successfully using my iOS developer certificate and my iOS distribution certificate. However, I currently have to manually switch certificates (in Project Settings / iOS) when switching between developing and producing a build for the app store. Is there a way to automate this, so when I’m doing a final build Unreal will automatically use the distribution certificate?


I’m not sure what I understood. if you want use develop sertificat for deploy in mobile you use develop sertificat, if you want testing in test flight or realse app ( for it you must add app in test flight) you use distribution sertificate.

I guess I’d like to be able to have a different certificate/key pair for each of the different build configurations (DebugGame, Development, and Shipping).

Really all I need is a different certificate/key pair for the Shipping build configuration, so it always uses my distribution certificate.

Right now I do this manually (by switching to the distribution certificate in the Project Settings → Platforms - iOS). I’d prefer it was done for me automatically when I switch to Shipping.

If you add both certificate to Unreal in iOS settings, I`m almost pretty convinced Unreal will choose the correct one when you compile your game.