Switching between flying mode and orbiting (...and walking)

of course I am quite new to Unreal, trying to tweak Unreal Studio to my needs.
I like the idea of having the option to toggle between Navigation modes.
These modes would be flying, orbiting and walking.
I tried using the productviewer-collector and testing a toggle.
Looks like this at the Moment

My Problems are:
I don’t really know what i am doing.
It works on a very basic level: It Switches the pawns and by that the navigationmodes.
But the Position is not the same, so you see a jump when switching.
There are spheres(i guess pawns) left behind when switching.
I am not sure how to realize now the walking mode.

Thanks so much for any input!


Hi Antonis, is already set in the template, no need to retouch the blueprint.
with fly you can both fly and walk

Hi Daniele,
​​​​​​and thanks for your reply. I have found this also in the documentation.
I tried addressing this variable with a button, but it has no effect, because it is used defining navigation mode just on build.
When the game is running changing the variable has no effect by itself.
I want to be able to switch between navigation mode during the game fluently.
​​​What do you think?

A new template with what you’re asking for will be in 4.21 very soon… stay tuned

Great to read that Pierre-Felix,

I am currently a bit in a hurry. so i would like to get to an acceptable workaround until the release.
So this is how far i got until now:

Toggle2.JPG Improvements:
-No visible “dead” pawns anymore, because they are being set to invisible (copied the steps from the original procedure)
-Transformations are kind of saved, because they are being saved to a variable before killing the pawns

  • Copied transformations are not working correctly, especially the orientation is totally of
    -I don’t know how to realize the walking now

My idea:
-Switching the whole setup to a Character-Blueprint, because it has gravity applied

Please help!
Thanks so much!