Switching between different masks "channels" in one Texture?

Can someone tell me if there is a way or a node to switch between different masks “channels” within one texture ? I’m using a texture which contains 4 masks in total, R,G,B and in the Alpha channel. After instancing the master material i would like to have control which mask is used, basically switching between the different channels.

I Don’t know of a specific node for this, But you could add a Vector4 parameter to the master material and in your instances just set the vector’s R, G, B or A to 1.0 and leave the others at 0.0;

Multiply the mask textures rgba components by the vector4’s rgba components and add the results

In this example I have named the Vector4 parameter “ChannelSwitch”

Master Material:

Instance Using Red Channel:

Instance Using Green Channel:

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Thanks a lot! It works perfectly!
However i’m still curious if there is a simple node for switching the channels of a texture. There has to be one right…

The posted method above is one of the ways you do that. I see some of the Epic content uses that too. AFAIK: There’s no official node for that. (Anyway, try creating a function wrapping this logic)

Yes, it’s the “Channel Mask Parameter” node.
It’s not in the documentation, but I found it by just searching it when adding a node.


Oh! That’s interesting. Glad to know that.

I just rechecked too.

You can also use:

  • ComponentMaskParameter
  • StaticComponentMaskParameter
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ok thats amazing! Thanks a lot !

What’s thier difference?