Switching between car and character after cutscene

Hello everybody! I am just starting my way to UE4 and I still don’t know much, and I hardly understand. Now I ran into such a problem. Created a cutscene in which the hero drives a car, crossing the trigger box, the video starts playing. the trigger is fired on the car. at the end of the video, I need my character to appear in a completely different place on the map and switch control to him, but this does not happen. control and camera return to the car. If I set up the boxing trigger to work on the character, and cross it on foot (not in the car), then after the cutscene, the logic works as I need it. that is, it transfers the character to a new place and allows the level to continue playing. Help me how to resolve this issue. I only use blueprints.
for example, the logic that works if you use a character.