Switching between AudioVolumes kills sound in world

Hi all,

When I move from one AudioVolume to another, sounds in the world are killed instantly. I’ve got the Int and Ext volumes set to 0, with both fading over 3s. I’d expect any sounds in the world to fade across these times. The Priorities of both Volumes are the same.

Also, the abrupt killing of the voice only occurs when the player moves from Volume to Volume in a forward direction, if I move through them backwards it doesn’t happen.


On which platform are you facing this issue and what audio format are you using?
Maybe HISPlayer can help you?


I’m using UE5.1.1 and WAV format.

I’ve managed to overcome it by applying a SoundAttenuation to the audio asset that is attached to the AudioVolume, though treating it as a somewhat 2D sound (Spatialization diabled and no Inner Radius). This has allowed me to forego using the Int and Ext volumes on the AudioVolume.


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