Switching between 2D and 3D View in one Level

Hey all,

our gameobjects all have a 2D and 3D representation. For a better overview, when selecting commands the player should see a 2D topview of the map (like pictograms). But for a nice illustration of the movement, actions etc. a 3D view is prefered.

Is there a easy way to switch between these two views in one scene?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like your 2D view is just like a minimap, just not mini. Start with minimap tutorials and keep your “true” game state in the 3D world but allow 2D view to interact with it.

Alternatively, Have an Blueprint that exists no matter what gameplay Level you’re on (could be one placed in the level or could be just the GameState or GameInstance), And add an Event Dispatcher to it maybe called SwitchTo3D and another one for switching to 2D.

Then all objects that need their visual representation changed shall, on BeginPlay, register an event handler in themselves to that event dispatcher, and the event handler switches their visual representation for you.

In this way you won’t have to loop through all the actors and cast to them every time you want to switch the view. all you have to do is fire the event.