Switching back to UE5 Early access

Well, it seems that the UE5 preview is a huuuuuuge step back from early access 2… I spent more time trying to get some to work than actually doing something…

  • DLSS plugin is not working
  • No more retargeting manager, we get instead a retarget source that can not do anything
  • Engine is SLOW
  • Many framerate drop…
    I will wait for the official release but in the meantime, I switch back to early access 2, it was way more stable

EA was just UE4 with a new UI which is why it was more stable.

EA had features like lumen and nanite as well, which to me are the big game changers, which 4 does not have

I had to re-install UE5.0 preview to get rid of the SLOW bits. I didn’t see the problem re-emerge when I upgraded to 5.0 Preview 2.

I simply build from source code… Took a whole day but it is way more stable and faster