Switching Animation After First Animation is Complete, How?


I have a basic animation of a curtain opening and closing when the curtain is clicked. It takes about 7 seconds for each animation to complete. Currently the animation of the curtain opening will jump to the animation of the curtain closing if it is clicked before the animation is complete. How can I get the animation of the curtain closing to wait until the opening is complete before it can jump to the curtain closing?

Here is my blueprint. When clicks, the Curtain Open animation plays and sets a Variable called “Curtain001Open” to False. When clicked again it closes and sets the “Curtain001Open” to True. Any suggestions on improvements are also welcomed!

Take away the option to click on the curtain until the animation is complete seems to be the easiest solution…most complicated would be something like make a Blueprint actor of the curtain, an Animation Blueprint, and use Play Anim Montages rather than just play animation…give a large blend in for the animations so it smoothly goes from one to the next…