Switched Engines

After 5 years of using Unity I couldn’t take the ugly grey dark colors anymore so I decided to switch to UE4. At first I learned C++ to try and remake my game and I understood it well enough to write a bunch of scripts. But as things progressed I realized referencing objects and setting animations and doing all the things i wanted to do was indeed harder and more frustrating then in Unity using c# so I went back to Unity. I really didn’t want to use blueprints because they are slower then c++ and I am making a first person shooter. But after going back to Unity and seeing how ugly it is I eventually came back to UE4 and gave in to blueprints…

I can now say even with using blueprints just running play from the editor(in standalone fullscreen) I have pretty much the exact same level setup as in Unity and It’s not only faster I’m literally getting double the framerate vs Unity c#. Of course I had to do a couple performance tweaks like disabling ambient occlusion but I’m running all out with point lights direction lights atmospheric fog and even shadows, around 170fps!! And fk me is it pretty. This engine’s a beast!