switch to 4.14 and virtual joystick isn't working anymore

so i switched my project from 4.13 to 4.14 and my virtual joystick isn’t working anymore, the ui is there, the joystick is clickable but is not moving, neither my character, and i don’t remember if i changed anything to screw it up, so i assume it was my fault for moving my project to 4.14 :frowning:

Maybe this is related with this focus issue.

thanks but it isn’t exactly my issue, i can use my mouse to simulate the virtualjoystick inside, but if i click the virtualjoystick and move the mouse, the virtual joystick doesn’t move, doesn’t react to the mouse movements, this wasn’t happening before

We had issue with converting to 4.14 where UMG lost focus. Dont know if it helps: “1.Go to Edit → Project Settings → Input. In Viewport Properties set Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode to any option that does not capture the mouse permanently.”

yep that worked thanks !!, really sorry for bothering :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for pointing out Input properties, in my case Project Setting->Input->Mouse Properties-> Use Mouse For Touch : true did the job!. UE.23