Switch statement?

Switches for Select

I am new, and am completely stuck. Please suggest me direction on how to solve this stupid road-block or why I am doing it wrong.


Problem: I want to set 2D animation (top-view) to a character based on the angle he is walking to. I get the vector, normalize it. And then I want to do something like this:

if angle in range [-45, 45] set Option 2
else if in range [45, 135] set Option 0

And so on…

How could I do this in my current situation?

Make a function to work it out. That is my problem. I do not know how to make the function with several tests so that it would bring out single output. Last few hours I tried, i ended up splitting into too many branches and never finding a way to combine them together.

For simplicity let’s say I want: [320, 360] - Option 0, [0, 50] - Option 0, [50, 130] - Option 1, [130, 220] - Option 2, [220, 320] - Option 3


Make a function to work it out.

Get float, If float between -45 and 45 then VAR = 1 etc etc

I would leave the one the goes from 360 to 1 to the last one as if it is not the rest the it has to be that one and it will make code a lot easier.


First up, give me ranges of angles you want to work with, the four groups.

Ok to start with

Make a function and add an input and and output shown here.

Input - float / output = INT

Make a VAR that is INT for output and join it up to OUTPUT.

Make a VAR called input and make a float

Then do this. I hope it make sence


Just be careful, I just saw I had 320 in there twice, you may need to change one to 321 or something like that.

Thank you very much. I will try it out now

What is that small orange rectangle with a dot at the bottom of next to last screenshot?

If you double-click on a connection, you get a reroute node. Basically just lets you rearrange your connection for brevity.